How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Near Me?

According to If you are in the market for car insurance whether liability or comprehensive, you will likely want to get the lowest rates in your state. The most affordable car insurance is usually the minimum coverage that is mandated in your state which is liability insurance coverage. Liability insurance encompasses medical bills for others harmed in an accident that was caused while you were driving as well as any property damage that occurred to the other person’s vehicle. In some states, additional coverage is mandated such as personal injury protection coverage.

Comprehensive car insurance coverage is often costlier and comes with a set amount that you must pay if you file a claim. This amount is referred to as the deductible. However, the driver with comprehensive car insurance will have more protection for their own vehicle including if it is stolen or incidental damage occurs from weather conditions or even a hit and run driver.

To get a concept of which companies were the cheap car insurance companies, our team compares quotes from the best car insurance companies to find out which offered the lowest rates for liability coverage as well as the most competitive rates for comprehensive insurance coverage.

Cheapest Car Insurance based on Average Annual Rates

Cheap Car Insurance Comparison

Finding the right affordable auto insurance coverage

Finding the best affordable insurance including cheap SR22 auto insurance can seem like a bit of an enigma, especially to the uninitiated auto insurance shopper. Understanding what to look for when choosing an insurance company and learning how to compare auto insurers to get the best rate can sometimes prove challenging. However, with our knowledge, expertise, and research, we have compiled information to help you compare and ultimately select the most competitive quote available in your state. At Cheap Auto Insurance Comparison, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goal of obtaining cheap car insurance that fits within your budget.

Cheap Auto Insurance Comparison

Comparing The Five Largest Car Insurance Companies

There are five car insurance companies in the nation that account for over 55% of the total U.S. car insurance market. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance near me, you may want to consider the top five companies. These companies include Allstate, Progressive, State Farm, and USAA which offers coverage for military, veterans, and their relatives.

Competitive auto insurance rates

In many ways, Progressive was very competitive with the other five larger car insurers. However, even though they aren’t the cheapest, in some states they feature some of the lowest rates for drivers of both good and bad credit and driving history.

One of the cheapest

GEICO definitely ranks highly as one of the cheapest car insurers offering very competitive quotes in almost every state. In addition to being the most affordable for drivers with no moving violations and good credit, they are also the cheapest for drivers that have poor credit. When it comes to drivers who have a recent accident where they were at fault, the rates with GEICO tend to be on the higher side when compared with other insurers.

The nation’s largest auto insurer

State Farm is the largest car insurer nationwide and repeatedly ranks exceptionally for customer satisfaction. In addition, they rank highly in J.D. Power and Associates Surveys. State Farm usually offered quotes that were about $30 to $50 within what its competitors were offering. In South Carolina, State Farm was $223 cheaper than GEICO when comparing annual premiums.

Cheapest car insurance for military individuals and their families

USAA is an insurance company offering car insurance quotes cheap for military and their relatives so it isn’t ranked directly with the other leading insurers. However, it did rank as the cheapest out of the other major national insurers.

Cheaper for drivers with one at fault accident or drivers with poor credit

Allstate is one of the leading car insurance provides nationwide providing an exceptional level of customer service to their customers. When searching for cheap insurance cars of all types can be insured at affordable rates with Allstate. However, the major insurer offered more affordable coverage than the others for drivers who had poor credit or an at-fault accident.

Cheap Insurance Solutions in Every State

Whether you are looking for cheap auto insurance in your local area or in another state, we can provide helpful information to assist you with finding the best affordable auto insurance coverage. The cost of car insurance can vary considerably depending on which state you need car insurance coverage in. One company may be costly in one area of the country and much more affordable in another. By exploring cheap full coverage car insurance as well as cheap liability auto insurance, you can find the options best suited to your needs and budget. Use the table found below to locate your state and to find out what your auto insurance requirements are according to each state.

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