How to get Canada student visa easily in 2020

Canada Student Visa

Obtaining a Canada Student Visa (also known as a Canadian study permit) offers foreign nationals many opportunities, and may even open doors for some individuals to apply for permanent residency in Canada during or at the completion of their studies.

Independent foreign students require a Canada student visa (study permit) to attend most educational institutions in Canada. 

The following are the various types of Canadian schools and a detailed description of each.

Primary School and Secondary School
Primary school is more commonly referred to as “elementary school”. Secondary school is more commonly referred to as “high school.” Both these levels require a Canada student visa.

Canadian Post-Secondary Educational Institutions
The next level of education after high school (and CEGEP in Quebec) is a post-secondary school, such as a university or college.

There are many Canadian colleges and universities for foreign students to choose from (there are 83 Canadian universities alone!).  The provincial governments are in charge of regulating education within their respective provinces. This means that schools in different provinces may have different admissions requirements.

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Check if you need to apply for a student visa in Canada

You don’t need a study visa (or Canadian study permit) if one of the following situations applies to you:


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