Canada DUI | How To Enter Canada With a DUI

In this post, we will be talking about Canada DUI, which is how to enter Canada with a DUI.  Citizens of the United States may be deemed inadmissible to Canada due to a previous criminal conviction. Even offenses that are minor in some states, such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI), may cause a traveler to be denied entry to Canada upon arriving at the Canadian border.

Despite meeting eligibility requirements, foreign individuals from any country may still be criminally inadmissible to Canada due to previous criminal conduct, or the criminal conduct of their dependents. In particular, if you are convicted of a DUI, entering Canada may be made more difficult.

What kind of traffic violations can result in inadmissibility to Canada?

The three traffic violations that will deem an individual criminally inadmissible to Canada are vehicular homicide, hit and runs, and DUIs. These are the Canadian law equivalents of charges from the United States that may be referred to in a given state as motor manslaughter, racing, careless/dangerous driving, stunting/drag racing, criminal negligence, speeding over the state’s set limit, driving while under suspension, failing to obey police, failing to remain at an accident scene or refusing a breathalyzer test. For instance, a charge given in the US for failing to obey the police has the same severity as a DUI when converted to Canadian Law. As of December 2018, DUIs are considered serious criminality in Canada, and such convictions will always be flagged at a Canadian port of entry.

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